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The Will Dispute Lawyers are a boutique law firm founded in 2012 for the sole purpose of providing specialist advised in all Queensland based Will and deceased estate matters. Contact us today to discuss your matter by calling 1300 368 255.
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About Us

The Will Dispute Lawyers, based in Brisbane, trade as The Estate Lawyers. We are a boutique law firm founded in 2012 for the sole purpose of providing specialist advice in all Queensland based Will and deceased estate matters. Our Will and estate lawyers in Brisbane have a passion for estate litigation. We don’t represent clients in any other legal matter and we don’t act in estate matters which don’t have some connection with Queensland.

Kent Dalziel
Managing Director

Kent Dalziel

Kent was admitted as a solicitor of the Supreme Court of Queensland in 2004. He completed his articles of clerkship with McCowans Specialist Lawyers from 1 July 2002 until his admission in 2004. Together with the partners of McCowans Specialist Lawyers, Ranald McCowan and Gerard Murphy, Kent established The Estate Lawyers in 2012 . Kent has experience in property and commercial matters but has focused on his specialty areas of Will disputes and estate litigation since 2006. Kent is former a member of the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners (STEP) and has regularly appeared in the Queensland Court of Appeal, Supreme Court and District Court of Queensland to fight for his clients’ rights. Kent’s passion is advocacy work. He would love to speak with you if you are even thinking about contesting a will or any form of estate litigation.

Will and Estate Lawyers in Brisbane


The Will Dispute Lawyers are different to other law firms practising in Will and Deceased estate litigation because we believe:


  1. Every client deserves specialist advice, tailored to meet their needs. We are extremely focused on what we do and we do it well. We don’t want to be a firm that tries to be everything to every client because we believe the days of the general solicitor are over. We are big enough to provide specialist advice in Will and Deceased estate litigation matters but we are small enough to be flexible to meet your requirements.
  2. Our primary job is to win Deceased estate litigation cases for our clients. We want to know from you at the outset what it is that you want from your matter, so that our Will and estate lawyers in Brisbane can develop a strategy to achieve it.
  3. Court is often the best way to get results, and clients and their lawyers shouldn’t be afraid to file Court proceedings to protect their interests. Our lawyers have significant Court and Trial experience in Deceased estate litigation which we believe is critical to your success in Court. We proudly stand by our firm’s Will and estate Trial record which we believe is unsurpassed by any other law firm practising in this area since our firm’s inception. To read more about our firm’s Trial successes, please click on the links for the judgements in the estate of Cook, the estate of Schuhmacher and the estate of Petty.
  4. Your legal matter is one of the biggest concerns in your life. We know this and see that it is our job is to address what keeps you up at night about your estate dispute. If we aren’t easing your stress in relation to your Will or Deceased estate litigation problem, we want to know so that we can fix it.
  5. We fix our fees. We can do this because our Will and estate lawyers in Brisbane have represented clients in all types of Will and estate litigation matters before. We know what work is required and so we are prepared to fix a fee with you to complete certain work and we will stick to it – no exceptions. We don’t agree with lawyers charging by the hour because that rewards inefficiency because the lawyer’s bill is more the longer he or she takes to do the job. You shouldn’t pay a lawyer to be inefficient and you shouldn’t encourage it by paying them by the hour.


Our Managing Director, Mr Kent Dalziel, would much prefer to speak with you to discuss your personal circumstances so that you know where you stand. There is no charge for an initial telephone discussion with our Will and estate lawyers in Brisbane or on the Gold Coast regarding any question you might have. We look forward to receiving your online enquiry or taking your call on 1300 368 255.