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Our Will dispute lawyers can help you to bring a claim against the estate to seek further provision from the will. Contact us today on 1300 368 255.
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Will Disputes Gold Coast

Will and Estate Disputes on the Gold Coast

At The Will Dispute Lawyers, we represent clients based across the country and accept instructions so long as the estate has a connection with Queensland. Therefore if you wish to commence Will and estate disputes on the Gold Coast or anywhere else in Australia, if an estate is only partly based on the Gold Coast and other parts are based elsewhere, we can help.

There is no one-size-fits-all-answer to how much you could receive from a Will and estate dispute on the Gold Coast. If you believe that an estate hasn’t made sufficient provision for you, our lawyers will look at all factors involved in your estate claim, including the size of the Deceased’s estate, your relationship with the Deceased, the terms of the Deceased’s Will and the situation of the other beneficiaries named in the Deceased’s Will.

As the spouse, child or step-child of the Deceased person, you have a right to commence Court proceedings seeking further provision from the Deceased person’s estate. As today’s family units become increasingly complicated with step-parents, step-siblings and half-siblings, and the rising value of real estate and complicated superannuation rules, it is more common for the terms of a Will to be successfully challenged, whether in or out of Court. If you are seeking to challenge a valid will following the death of a love one, we encourage you to contact our office to commence your Will and estate dispute on the Gold Coast. Call us today on 1300 368 255.


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