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If you're thinking of contesting a will, you can speak with our team to discuss the strength of your case to contest a will by calling us on 1300 368 255.
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Contest a Will Gold Coast

Contest a Will on the Gold Coast

If you aren’t happy with the terms of a Will and want to challenge it, you don’t need to leave the Gold Coast to instruct The Will Dispute Lawyers. Our lawyers can provide specialist advice to contest a Will on the Gold Coast where it’s convenient for you, with an office located in the heart of Surfers Paradise.

Generally, there are two common ways to dispute a Will. The first way, known as a solemn form claim, is to contest that the Deceased person did not have capacity to make the Will. Alternatively, you may contest a Will on the Gold Coast by bringing a Family Provision Application on the basis that although the Deceased may have had capacity to make it, the Will doesn’t make sufficient provision for you.

If you are considering challenging a Will for any reason, The Will Dispute Lawyers would love to speak with you to help you achieve the best outcome when you contest a will on the Gold Coast or in Brisbane. For a confidential initial telephone discussion, call us on 1300 368 255.


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